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Gold Coast Cheap Hotels – How to get more for your money!

Gold Coast Cheap Hotels – How to get more for your money!

Money is typically one of the main concerns for travellers planning a holiday adventure. Whether you’re on a shoe-string budget trying to get away from your stressful job for just a couple of days or a budget-conscious traveller who wants to maximize your money and be able to spend more days on your chosen destination, you can get more for your money by simply finding cheap hotels.

Let’s face it; when you travel, a huge chunk of your holiday budget goes to your accommodation. Depending on your preference, this can even take up to 50% of your holiday fund. However, there are ways on how you can lower down the cost without sacrificing convenience, comfort, and sometimes, even style and luxury. A couple of tips I always tell my friends is to do your research and make preparations well ahead of your travel date. With a little bit of research, lots of creativity, and access to the right information, you can easily save a bunch from your accommodation cost.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding cheap hotels on the Gold Coast:

Book Early

This is one of the fool-proof ways to get cheap hotels not just on the Gold Coast but to other holiday destinations as well. Gold Coast accommodation providers or managers like me want to make sure that we are fully-booked throughout the year. Early bookings help make that happen and in return, we reward tourists with lower rates. Sometimes, we can even afford to offer up to 50% discount particularly if you’re booking more than one room and if you’re staying for at least a week. See, it’s a win-win situation. Also, early birds get other perks. You can actually make requests that we’ll be happy to honour. Do you want to stay on the highest floor so you’ll have unobstructed ocean and sunset view? Do you hate being on the smoking floor? Do you want to get the biggest room? These requests are easier to grant if you’re one of the first people to book.

Don’t pay for facilities you won’t use

The amenities and facilities a hotel offers have a direct impact on their rates. That is why hotels with swimming pools, spa and sauna, fully equipped gymnasium, tropical gardens, etc. typically charge 30% more compare to those hotels that offer basic amenities and facilities. So, if you want to save by booking cheap hotels, be sure to find one that only offers amenities and facilities that you will really need. If you’re the kind of traveller who just use your accommodation for sleeping at night as you roam throughout the day, maybe you can let go of swimming pools and other perks. However, keep in mind that in Surfers Paradise, you can actually get cheap accommodation, such as serviced apartments, from some of the best hotels and resorts that offer complete amenities without burning a hole in your pocket. To take advantage of this, check cheap hotels that offer independently managed accommodation just like those we offer here at You can book luxurious, spacious apartments that can accommodate 2 people for as low as $115 per night! Now that’s cheap!

Book in low season

It’s no surprise that like everywhere else, Gold Coast accommodation providers increase their rates during the summer months (High Season). This is because of the high demand. Visitors are often forced to book hotel rooms even if they’re twice the price because they really don’t have much choice. On the bright side, this means that you can save by booking accommodation during winter (Low Season) which starts in June. However even though its winter, you don’t have to worry too much as the average winter temperate is still 16°C. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the beach and all the other amazing attractions that make visitors want to see the Gold Coast. The good thing though, aside from getting everything for cheaper prices, you’ll get to enjoy Surfers Paradise more as there will be fewer tourists. If you want to have quiet time, then low season would work best for you and your pocket.

Choose a hotel further from the City Centre

Hotel rooms that further from the city centre are generally cheaper but it doesn’t have to mean that they are inconvenient. When looking for cheap hotels, make sure that they’re in walking distance or accessible to public transportation and that cabs or buses do not charge an arm and leg otherwise, you will not be able to save money either. Also, try to look for hotels that are generally new or those that do not have loyal following yet. These hotels are more likely to offer attractive prices to get more customers. Just make sure that they have nice rooms, reasonable amount of amenities, and that their location is safe.

Share the room with friends

Another way to ensure you’ll be saving with cheap hotels is by sharing the hotel with friends or family members so can split the bill. This way, you can afford to get nice hotel without spending too much. For example, if you’re travelling with 4 people, you can book a nice serviced apartment that cost $120 per night and you’ll end up paying just $30. Travelling with friends also help you save on your transportation should you decide to rent a car. Besides, travelling with friends is so much fun than exploring an unknown place alone.

Look out for last minute deals

Accommodation providers like me would rather bring down our asking price instead of leaving our hotel rooms unoccupied. Keep your eyes open on such deals. Subscribe to websites like where we post our last minute deals on a regular basis. Also, like the company’s Facebook page where accommodation providers would sometimes offer free accommodation for participating on their marketing campaigns. Just make sure that you don’t do this during peak season as hotel rooms are more likely to be occupied at that time.

Talk to the manager

If you find nice accommodation for you and your family but the price is out of your budget, try haggling with the manager not the customer service representatives as these typically don’t have the authority to give discount. I remember when we went to Prague with my friends and found a nice serviced apartment just outside of the city. We talked to the manager and asked if he can lower down the price should we stay for about 10 days. He said yes and gave us 1 day free. See? It doesn’t hurt to ask at all!

Shop and compare prices

A month (or longer.. 2 to 3 months wouldn’t hurt either) before your travel date, check out as many cheap hotels as possible and compare not just the prices but also their amenities, facilities, and location. It’s very easy to find $25 room but it could be in the middle of nowhere. What I’m saying here is cheapest may not always be the best. To get great value for your money, shop and compare.

Get recommendations

Getting recommendations from people you know who had been in your chosen holiday destination is always a good idea. These people will give you the lowdown and things that you can expect – no more no less. Also, some providers, when you say that somebody recommended them to you are more than happy to give you discounts or at least freebies. The good thing about going this route is that there will be no unpleasant surprises. Getting first-hand information from people who have actual experience staying on a particular hotel is simply unbeatable and makes you feel more confident about booking with a cheaper hotel.

Book cheap Gold Coast hotels at

Here at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals (, we understand that not all travellers can afford to spend thousands of dollars on Gold Coast accommodation; however, they are sure to appreciate luxurious and spacious hotels rooms as this definitely adds to their overall experience. That is why we are committed to offering cheap accommodation from some of Gold Coast iconic hotels and resorts.
The good thing about the cheap hotels that we manage is that although they are extremely affordable, they certainly don’t lack in luxury, comfort or facilities! They are all within reputable hotels and resorts, and offer all the first class amenities, facilities and comfort you would expect for a 4-5 start hotel. In addition, all our cheap hotels are very safe and they are well-maintained. is able to offer you with lower prices because all hotel apartments are independently managed giving us the power to offer more flexible rates. In addition, we offer all year round. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re booking two months in advance or a day before your arrival, you can be assured that we will still offer you cheaper rates.

One of the highly recommended hotels in Surfers Paradise is Orchid Residences where we manage a handful of self-contained hotel apartments. Apartment 22305, which is strategically located on the 23rd level, can be your home away from home for just $145 per night. This two-bedroom apartment is perfect for two couples who would like to lower down their holiday expenses or for small group of friends or family. Check out the other hotel apartments we manage at Orchid Residences and we can guarantee you that this hotel has what it takes to offer you with unforgettable Surfers Paradise holiday. For enquiries and bookings, please call 07 5539 8553 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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