Schoolies Guidelines

Thank you for booking your 2018 Schoolies Week accommodation with

To ensure you have an enjoyable and trouble-free stay, we ask that your please read and understand the important information detailed below.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy to deem your occupancy acceptable.

You must monitor the observance of these Terms and Conditions by your Guests and Visitors. A breach of these Terms and Conditions by your Guests or Visitors will be considered a breach by you. Please note that when we refer to a “Guest” and/or “Guests” in these Terms and Conditions rules, we are referring to all the occupants of an apartment. All Guests are jointly and severally liable for the actions of any and all Guests in each apartment. This means that, if one of the Guests in an apartment causes damage and/or breaches the house rules (or a visitor of a guest), all Guests in that apartment will be held responsible and will be subject to whatever action is considered necessary by management.

Note: Two guests from each booking must attend the GCHR office on Saturday to collect keys;  demonstrate comprehension of our Terms and Conditions; and provide Photo ID.

Housekeeping Notice

Before checking into your apartment, we suggest you familiarise yourself with our Housekeeping Notice which includes useful information such as our Conditions of occupancy, Complimentary items, Linen and Towels, Departure arrangements, Garbage, Extra Fees and Charges that may apply, Damage to apartment and property, amongst other items.

  • Chevron Renaissance – For guests staying at Chevron Renaissance, please ensure you also read the house rules.
  • Orchid Residences – For guests staying at Orchid Residences, please ensure you also read the house rules.


Check-in is available from 2pm for Week 1 of Schoolies (17 November- 24 November); and 3pm for those arriving in Week 2 of Schoolies (24 November- 2 December). Check-in for all apartments is at the following address:

Shop 2, 3142 Surfers Paradise Boulevard (Cnr Beach Road) Cosmopolitan Building Surfers Paradise, QLD, 4217

Note: Please do not attempt to check-in via resort reception directly. Check-in is from our office only.

On Arrival

As highlighted in the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy, make sure to report damage or defects:
4.7.1 if on arrival you notice any existing damage or breakages within the Premises you must report your concerns re the condition of the property to our office within eighteen (18) hours after arrival. Otherwise it is agreed that all is in order with the Premises.

It is recommended that you take photos of your apartment upon your arrive.


Check-out for either week of Schoolies is by 10am. Please ensure both sets of keys/fobs are returned to our office. Please do not return keys to resort reception. In the event that keys/fobs are mistakenly returned to resort reception, a $99.00 call out fee to collect keys may be deducted from bond monies held.

On Departure

As highlighted in the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy, make sure to leave the apartment in the same condition as it was on arrival:
4.2.1 On departure, the Premises must be left in a similar state to the condition on arrival. Failure to leave the Premises in a satisfactory state will result in you incurring extra charges. You authorise us to charge you for the additional costs we incur to clean the Premises on your departure if this condition is not observed. Before departure, all food must be removed from fridges, all rubbish put in the appropriate council rubbish bins provided, and crockery and cutlery washed and packed away. The Property must be left in a clean and tidy condition. The property should be vacated on time and secured. All windows and doors are to be locked.

It is recommended that you take photos of your apartment prior to departure.

Lost keys

Lost keys will be charged at a fee of $165.00 per set. Please ensure to keep your room key safe and on you at all times.


Any evicted party automatically loses their bond and forfeits any remaining accommodation tariff. While we understand Schoolies is a time to celebrate, remember to be responsible within your accommodation. Take a moment to think how you would feel if your actions lead to an eviction. It won’t just affect your Schoolies experience – your entire group will be evicted. That will be the end of your Schoolies Week celebrations; you’ll all go home early, without your bond.

We take inappropriate behaviour very seriously. We have no hesitation getting the building security, the Police and your parents involved.

To ensure you or your party are not evicted, consider the following:

  • Climbing from balcony-to-balcony is stupid. Yes deaths have resulted both at Schoolies and in general. 
  • Underage Drinking. If you are underage, remember alcohol consumption is illegal. Police and Liquor Licensing are out in force – not only on the streets but in the buildings also. If you are of a legal age, remember to drink responsibly.
  • Supplying alcohol to minors is no minor offence. Police and Liquor Licencing target building entrances and basements for 18+ (parents, guardians, friends) delivering and or suppling alcohol to minors. See:

Evictions happen – It’s a regretful end to a shortened Schoolies Week. Evictions are carried out by building security and/or Police as required and for reasons including those outlined in the Booking Terms and Conditions. If you’re evicted, it’s most likely from trying to climb over balconies, damaging property, breaching building rules.

Experiences from past schoolies

It is not unusual for apartments to require extra cleaning and carpet cleaning after Schoolie guests depart. Just take a look at how schoolies have left our apartments in the past:

To avoid extra cleaning charges, keep your apartment clean.

Schoolies Emergency and Safety Numbers

We highly recommend that you save these numbers into your phone. Remember these people are here to help you, not get you into trouble.

Police (000) –

Drug Arm (07 5532 0717)

Surfers Paradise Day / Night Pharmacy (07 5592 1321)
Open 7am-12 Midnight 7 days a week

Surfers Paradise Day & Night Medical Centre (07 5592 2299)
Open 7am- 11pm 7 days a week

Exceptional Dental (07 5504 7002)
Open 9am -5pm 7 days a week

The Red Frogs

The Red Frogs have been operating at Schoolies for over 14 years. Armed with their ice breaking Allen’s Red Frogs 1200 volunteers patrol the streets supporting young people, and providing a positive presence in the crazy party culture.

Red Frogs specialise in walk homes, pancakes in your apartment, assistance in room cleaning and most importantly handing out tons of sugar.

Red Frogs Hotline – (1300 557 123)
Visit the Red Frogs Website

Support Services

A variety of support services will be offered during Schoolies Week at key destinations. There is a highly visible presence of services such as police, security, emergency services, officials and volunteers. They offer general support, medical assistance, advice and information.

In the past, Surfers Paradise has also offered a Schoolies only zone to prevent the toolies from taking part in the celebrations.

Be Safe Watch Your Mates

Your friends will be the people closest to you during Schoolies Week. They will be the very first port of call for any problem that may occur. So when you see one of your friends in trouble, go see if you can help them in any way. Remember be safe and watch your mates, and ensure they your Schoolies experience is exactly what you hoped for.

The QLD government provides helpful information on many different topics relating to Schoolies. Safety Tips, Info booklets, How to Get Around, Budget Calculator for Schoolies, Access and Identification, Schoolies Q & A and much more.

Visit the QLD Government Schoolies Website

Parents and Guardians

Here are some tips and advice for preparing your children for Schoolies.

Alcohol during Schoolies

  • Underage drinking or possession of liquor in a public place could result in a fine of up to $4000.
  • If your teenager is underage and found in licensed premises, they could be fined up to $4000.
  • Drink-spiking can happen – remind your teenager to keep their drink with them at all times and not accept drinks from people they don’t know or trust.
  • Talk to your teenager about knowing their limits. If they choose to drink alcohol, discuss being responsible. Simple tips for you to share include limiting drinks, knowing when to stop drinking, having water between drinks, eating something, and that only time can make someone sober.
  • Illicit drugs have no manufacturing controls. The user can never be sure what they are getting. These types of drugs are extremely dangerous, particularly when mixed with alcohol.
  • In Queensland, 17-year-olds convicted of drug offences are tried through the adult court system – drug convictions can affect employment options and the ability to travel overseas.

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